Yerba is the island country the Victorious gang visits in the episode Locked Up! an it is ruled by a chancellor. It is currently at war with either another country and is fighting rebels, so there are soldiers all around. The main language is an unknown native language mixed with English. Yerba doesn't have very many nice places; the hotel was disgusting and even the prison is unsatisfactory.


  • Yerba is a fictional country that Dan Schneider thought up.
  • Yerba is at war with either another country or with an area of their own country (Civil War).
  • Yerba is Festus' home country.
  • According to Festus (on TheSlap), if you stand very close to a woman in Yerba, you are automatically married.
  • Fluffy American boy hair is often sold for $400 per strand on the Yerbanian black market.
  • The Chancellor put a picture of himself and Cat on all the Yerbanian money.
  • To become a doctor in Yerba, you must only play a surgery video game for four months, or until you beat the game (whichever comes first).
  • Unwanted women in Yerba often collect the type of lizard that Jade found on her chest for companionship.
  • According to Festus, a good Yerbanian wife is supposed to be able to pick up her husband and carry him like a baby.
  • The Chancellor's octopus was "equivalent" to the American Statue of Liberty, as it was a gift from another country.
  • Yerba has a strict "no food truck" rule.
  • Yerba is mentioned in the iCarly episode iStill Psycho.
  • In Yerba, fat cakes are made out of real sheep fat. According to Festus, they are delicious.
  • Yerba hotel keys are screwdrivers.
  • Tori and the gang were sent to prison in this country.
  • It is a Yerbanian custom to sniff other people's hands as it is a sign of friendship.
  • The vampire moth is a common insect in Yerba and has a venemous bite.
  • The Yerbanian currency is shvakles (shvaw-kullz).
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