What am i

Leslie holding What Am I?

What Am I? Is a fictional game played by Spencer and Freddie in iWas a Pageant Girl while they were on a double-date with a girl named Leslie and her cousin, Alison. They played this game instead of going rock climbing with their dates. Annoyed, the girls left, leaving Spencer and Freddie to continue with the game on their own.

The object of this game is to guess what your object is without looking at the card that has the name of your object on it, while getting hints from the other players. It is played by placing a headband with a hand on it on each player's head, then having the each player pick a card and place it on the hand without looking at the card.


  • This game was given to Spencer as a gift from Socko.
  • A few of the cards seen were:
    • Pants
    • Big toe
    • Cheese
    • Hobo
    • Duck
    • Banana
    • Hammer
  • Freddie and Spencer seem to be very fond of this game.
  • The game is a parody of HedBanz.

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