“Theater Thug”
Season 3, Episode 17
Theater Thug
Air Date

February 18, 2006


Dan Schneider


Roger Christiansen

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Little Sibling


The Demonator

Theater Thug is the seventeenth episode of season three. It aired on February 18, 2006.


Josh re-enacts a criminal called the Theater Thug on "FBI's Most Wanted" (a spoof of America's Most Wanted) at the Premiere, but ends up being mistaken for the real Theater Thug and gets arrested several times. Soon, the real Theater Thug shows up at the Premiere. After a fight, Josh manages to pin him down, but the cops again mistake him for the Theater Thug and arrests him and accidentally lets the real one escape.

Guest Stars: Josh Server as Jeff Carlson, Lucy Hale as Hazel and James Grace as The Theater Thug


  • The Hippie that Josh disguised as, Antoine and his line "What at ease?" was originally used in an Episode of All That. Kenan Thompson played him.
  • The second disguise Megan and Drake showed Josh was a photo of Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks. You can see the dorm key on her necklace.

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