This page is about the place. You may be looking for the episode of the same name.

The Gorilla Club is a dangerous underground pit, where there are dangerous, risky things to do there.

They have dangerous things, like a rough, moving bunny, the Balls of Pain (getting rings to the other side while dodging 40 pound balls that swing around), and a strong gorilla who beats people up.

Tori and her friends go there so Tori seems more risky for a role. Cat has fun on the bunny and the Balls of Pain. Tori loses at the Balls of Pain at first, but the next day she wins. She gets the banana from the net to beat the gorilla, but then the gorilla breaks both of Tori's arms. The staff make people sign waivers for people to agree not to sue them if they get injured or killed. Beck seems to be the only one who's not frightened at the place and has probably been there before. They also have a DJ, where André and Robbie have to do the MC Hammer dance.

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