“The Gary Grill”
Season 2, Episode 12
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Air Date

October 17, 2004


Anthony Del Broccolo


Virgil Fabian

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Mean Teacher


Drew & Jerry

The Gary Grill is the 12th episode of Season 2 episode of Drake and Josh. In this episode star Gary Coleman appears.


Drake and Josh sell Gary Coleman grills (A parody of George Foreman Grill's) and are making a lot of money from them until they find out that the grills were stolen by Buddy and Guy, two wanted criminals notorious for robberies. They are thrown in jail until Megan tricks Buddy and Guy into getting arrested and the FBI release Drake and Josh from jail after they finally learn the truth.


  • The stolen Gary Coleman grills were later mentioned in "Steered Straight".
  • This is Richard Biggs' final television appearance, who has passed away on May 22, 2004 prior to the original airing of this episode.

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