“The Demonator”
Season 3, Episode 18
Air Date

February 25, 2006


Anthony Del Broccolo & Eric Friedman


Steve Hoefer

Episode Guide

Theater Thug


Alien Invasion

The Demonator is the eighteenth episode of season three. it aired on February 25, 2006.


Drake and Josh insist on riding a roller coaster called the Demonator on its opening day, but Megan reveals it was open at that present moment. Drake and Josh are forbidden to go, because Walter wants them to watch over their great-grandfather, Papa Nichols, who is 81 years old and has had surgery that afternoon. Craig and Eric come to watch him while Drake, Josh and Megan go off to ride the Demonator. Because Papa Nichols wakes up disoriented, he thinks he is back in World War II and that Craig and Eric are considered to be Germans, in which he proceeds to attack them. While at the Mystic Mountain, Drake, Josh and Megan are bumped to the back of the line after one of them got back in the middle of the line upseting the other people, then Drake and Josh get bumped back again. Drake and Josh finally get to ride the Demonator and get home just in the nick of time. Audrey and Walter got home after Drake and Josh hid their shirts. Walter wakes up Papa Nichols, then gets punched in the nose by Papa Nichols, who then runs shouting out U.S.A.

Guest Star: Vernon Roberts as Papa Nichols


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