“The Bet”
Season 2, Episode 1
Air Date

March 14, 2004


George Doty IV


Steve Hoefer

Episode Guide




The Bet is the first episode of the second season which was first broadcast on March 14, 2004.


After the boys forget to pick up Megan at school, Audrey tells them that Drake has an addiction to junk food and Josh has an addiction to video games. They both make a bet to see who can live without their addictions; the loser must dye his hair pink. Drake ends up getting a hideous facial rash from not eating junk food.

Josh gets the new Gamesphere from his grammy but is unable to play due to the bet. Eventually, they both lose the bet so they both had to dye their hair pink. Since their mom and dad bet on each of them as well, they had to dye their hair pink too, much to Megan's delight. However, in the end Drake was wearing a wig.


  • This page marks the 300th page of the wiki.
  • If you look carefully Drake is the one who caved first
  • Gamesphere is a parody of the real life game system, Gamecube.
  • Josh says "Die red turtle shell!" when he is playing his game. This is obviously Super Mario Bros.

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