Name The Slap
Slogan What's HOT @Hollywood Arts
Made March 27, 2010 (2 years)

Type of Website Website of comedy, made by students of Hollywood Arts.

In the TV Series Victorious, TheSlap is a website where the students of Hollywood Arts post what they are doing, photos, videos, and what's new at the school. Other students comment on what they do and follow them, related to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, etc, in reality. Here is video: [1].


In real life, TheSlap is a website that the students at Hollywood Arts run. The main characters post updates, photos, videos and blogs.

These include:

Much like in the show, you can comment on the stars posts, watch videos, and look at pictures put up by the characters. The site has extra's from the show, games, and music. It is rumored that Helen may get an account. It is somewhat like in real life. TheSlap is also a bookmark in the iCarly theme.

TheSlap is only generally available only in the United States. If someone in another country were to type the URL, they would be redirected to their country's Victorious website. If someone in another country wanted to go on TheSlap they could use this website:

What you can do

Once you have an account, you can favorite videos or pictures and comment on people's status'. You most importantly can create an avatar, as there is a spot on the home page spot that is called Avatar of the week.


By Cat

By Jade

By Beck and Jade

By Tori

By Sinjin

By Rex

By Robbie

By Trina

By Beck

By Tori and Cat

By Everyone


Depending on the holiday or season coming up, the background on changes to something related to that. After it's over, it goes back to the original background.

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