“Pilot (Sam & Cat)”
Season 1, Episode 1
Sam & Cat Script Episode 101 - Pilot
Air Date

March 23, 2013


Dan Schneider


Steve Hoefer

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Pilot is the first episode of Sam & Cat.


Sassy Sam and eccentric Cat buddy up as roommates. They start a babysitting business as entrepreneurs to fund for their crazy adventures.


Episode hasn't aired yet.


Episode hasn't aired yet.


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  • Although Sam and Cat have met each other before in the iCarly episode "iParty with Victorious", this is the first time they get to know each other.
  • Although it is unknown if this episode is going to be called "Pilot", there is a high chance it is based on the trends of prior Schneider's shows (i.e. Victorious and Drake & Josh).
  • Filming of this episode began on September 19, 2012 and ended on September 22nd.
  • Ariana tweeted "there are so many stunts in this pilot! It's so fun".
  • In the last episode of iCarly, iGoodbye, Sam got a motorcycle from Spencer. This is the same motorcycle shown in one of the possible preview pictures for Sam & Cat and the two may be riding it in the Pilot.
  • Auditions were held for characters, including an elderly man, limo driver, food truck worker, and a character named Melinda.
  • Dan would like this to premiere after the KCA 2013 ().

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