“Paging Dr. Drake”
Season 3, Episode 8
Air Date

October 1, 2005


Anthony Del Broccolo


Steve Hoefer

Episode Guide

Helen's Surgery


Foam Finger

Paging Dr. Drake is the eighth episode of season three. It aired on October 1, 2005.


Josh drops a barbell on his foot after Drake shot him with a potato, but is afraid to go to a hospital. When he is forced to, Drake tries to get the attention of college nurses by impersonating a doctor. But he is a lookalike of a doctor due to arrive. Josh's doctor tells him to perform surgery in front of the nurses to demonstrate his ability. Josh interrupts, he also impersonating a doctor, and halts the surgery. Drake narrowly escapes jail by jumping out of a window, when he is caught and the real doctor he was impersonating showed up. In the meantime Megan plots revenge on Drake and Josh for not letting her change the tempature of Upstairs and having her freeze to death since the Termostat in their room. She makes it extremely cold that the room begins snowing.

Guest Star: John O'Hurley as Josh's doctor.

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