Nicole Bristow is a fictional character and one of the main characters on the Nickelodeon TV show Zoey 101.

She is portrayed by Alexa Nikolas.


Zoey Brooks

Zoey was the first person Nicole met at PCA when she discovered she was her new roommate.

Dustin Brooks

Nicole and Dustin don't have that much interaction but they appear to be close friends and have never argued or fought.

Dana Cruz

Dana was the second person Nicole met at PCA and her second roommate.

Lola Martinez

Lola became Nicole's new roommate after Dana moved out.

Logan Reese

Nicole met Logan when she and Zoey were challenged to a basketball match.

Chase Matthews

Nicole and Chase became friends through Zoey and never had an argument during the series.

Michael Barret

Nicole met Michael on her first day at PCA and became friends throughout the series they were good friends and never argued after Nicole left PCA it is unknown if she and Michael remained in contact.


Nicole is quite close with her parents it was revealed on the episode Prank Week that when Nicole has a bad dream she would climb in bed with her mom after Nicole got diagnosed with OMGD sometime after the second season her parents enrolled her at an all girls boarding school.


Nicole is present for 26 episodes out of 65 total throughout the series.

Personality traits

Nicole is Zoey's roommate and best girl friend, Nicole's a bundle of energy who's extremely peppy and talks a mile a minute oh and she's a tad boy crazy too.