“Mindy's Back”
Season 3, Episode 4
Air Date

April 30, 2005


Eric Friedman


Adam Weissman

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We're Married?


The Affair

Plot Summary

Josh is really psyched about the science fair until Mindy Crenshaw comes back after being suspened right before the science fair. Mindy shows a magnet that is stronger then Josh's and is given first prize. Later in class Mindy chooses to work with Josh on the science project. When they start arguing they realize they both like each other. When they When they start argues they realize they like each other. Weeks later they start going out. However Mindy starts to question why Drake is still mean to her, she realizes Josh never told them they were dating. Josh knows how much Drake hates Mindy and is unable to tell him, he also has a nightmare where he tells him, and his head blows up. Mindy breaks up with Josh because he couldn't tell his own family. Josh finally tells Drake, who tells him it doesn't matter that he hates Mindy, as long as Josh doesn't and like her back, and he should be allowed to date anyone she wants. They go to Mindy's house, Josh knocks on her door, and tells her he told Drake. Mindy tells him, that she doesn't think they should get back together, however then tells Josh "Oh, just kiss me." They kiss, and fall out the window.


  • Josh introduces his science project by saying, "Welcome to my magnetic field...of dreams" This is an allusion to the 1989 Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams.
  • At the beginning of this episode, when Drake and Josh talk of their first meeting, a vintage Illinois lisence plate dated June of 1986 is shown. This is the same month that Drake Bell was born in.
  • In a later episode, "Mindy Loves Josh," Ethan gets disqualified in the Science Fair for making a watermelon lamp two years in a row. So in this episode, wouldn't Josh have been disqualified for making a giant magnet two years in a row?
  • In their experiments, both Josh and Mindy use electromagnets to pick up cans of soda. However, soda cans are made of aluminum, which isn't attracted to magnets.
  • When Mindy and Josh fall out the window, you can clearly see the extra padding on the ground.
  • Josh says that Mindy's parents are asleep because its after mindnight - yet every window in her house is lit up.
  • When Josh finally tells Drake that he and Mindy are dating, the sun is out. Then, when they get to Mindy's house, it's suddenly dark outside.

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