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Full Name Ian
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Resides in Los Angelas, California
Nationality American
Friends Tori Vega
School(s) Sherwood High School
First Episode Pilot
Last Episode Pilot
Portrayed By Ellington Ratliff

Ian is the boy who helps Tori with her moldbush science project at the beginning of the Pilot episode. He was one of her lab partners in her classes at Sherwood High School. It seemed that they were doing a experiment on the moldbush to see how they smelt and felt. He was not seen again after Tori's transfer to Hollywood Arts High School.

Ian and Tori were working on their project, but Trina interrupted them. Tori was very upset, insisting that she and Ian needed to finish their project. Ian left after that, and they did not complete their project. He is a student at Sherwood High School. He is portrayed by Ellington Ratliff.

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