“IWant More Viewers”
Season 1, Episode 2
IWant More Viewers
Air Date

September 8, 2007


Savage Steve Holland Steve Molaro


Adam Weissman

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iDream of Dance

iWant More Viewers is the second episode of the first season of iCarly.


In an attempt to attract more viewers Freddie and Spencer Jerry Trainor and Carly, Kayla and Sam compete to see who can draw more viewers to iCarly with the loser having to touch Lewbert's wart as a punishment Carly, Kayla and Sam make a sign to hold up outside the window of the studios for Seattle Beat but a rainfall ruins the sign Freddie and Spencer build an electronic sign to put up on a freeway but the sign eventually malfunctions live on the air going from saying PLEASE GO ONLINE TO iCARLY.COM to only the letters spelling out PEE ON CARL much to the ire of a police officer named Carl However the mistakes still end up drawing more viewers and nobody touches Lewbert's wart.




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