“IPear Store”
Season 6, Episode 6
IPear Store Pic
Air Date

May 12, 2012


Dan Schneider & Jake Farrow


David Kendall

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iPear Store (also known as iWork for Pear) is the 5th episode of Season 5 and the 99th episode overall.


Freddie gets a job at the Pear Store. When Carly, Kayla ,Sam and Gibby visit him there, Sam manages to sell a computer by talking the customer into buying it instead of talking about technical details like Freddie does. Because of her talent for talking people into buying things, she is immediately hired, much to Freddie's dismay. When she gets promoted to a supervisor, Freddie complains about it and gets fired. Right after he is fired, Sam quits, too.

Subplot I

Carly meets a geeky salesman named Trey at the Pear Store. He is oblivious to her attempts at flirting with him, but accepts when she eventually invites him over. Once he is at her house, however, he acts bold and tries to kiss her. Carly gets scared by the sudden change of character and has Spencer throw him out.

Subplot II

The fire department gets fed up with Spencer's habit of causing fires, so they refuse to react to his calls again. In order to make it up to them, he brings the firemen brownies and agrees to doing one week of voluntary work at the fire department. However, when he sets the fire department's kitchen on fire, they throw him out and refuse to react to his calls for good.

Subplot III

Gibby tries to buy a new case for his PearPhone 2G from a desperate salesman named Woody and eventually causes him to have a nervous breakdown.


  • According to Dan, this episode topped the iTunes Charts (for Children's Television).
  • The storyline for this episode was first revealed by Jennette McCurdy during one of her UStream Broadcasts.
  • This episode has a character named Lonnie, (portrayed by Fawnda McMahan) and another character named Melinda (portrayed by Inda Craig-Galvan).
  • Actress Ro Hill worked on this episode.
  • Pear Company is a Parody of Apple Inc.
  • The working title was iWork for Pear as seen in this video. However it was confirmed the "iPear Store" title at a recent poll in and here.
  • If you look closely (when Carly is talking to the worker from the pear store in the iCarly studio) at the monitor in the iCarly studio it says on the list of choices it says Drake & Josh
  • This is the first time, end credits played during the episode, however they were small and went very fast.
  • iPearStore trended worldwide on Twitter during its premiere night and was acknowledged by Dan Schneider himself.
  • The Doctor Who joke is a reference to the "Who's on First" routine by Abbott and Costello.
  • You could nearly see on the computer screens in the Pear Store.
  • On the computer screen, you could see pCloud which is a parody of iCloud.
  • On a computer you can see & DanWarp Blog.
  • Woody is portrayed by the same actor who played Paul (guy bothering Carly at Pini's) in iDate Sam & Freddie.
  • Trey is potrayed by Miles Wood.
  • When Freddie first sees that Sam got the job, he says "How did... but you... how could you...?", and then Sam says "You wanna finish any of those sentences, or...?". This is a possible reference to the Drake & Josh episode "Mindy's Back", where Josh and Mindy had the exact same type of exchange.


  • The fire department could be sued if they refused to help people with fires.


Chief Donker: [to Carly, after Spencer's snowwoman sculpture bursts into flames] The fire department is done with you people.
Spencer: Done? I don't understan--
Chief Donker: GET BACK DOWN!

Freddie: How did...but could you...
Sam: You wanna finish any of those sentences, or...?

Carly: [to Trey][turning his face towards herself with her hands] Soooo...
Trey: Yeah?
Carly: You doin' anything tomorrow night?
Trey: There's a Doctor Who marathon on TV.
Carly: Annnnd?
Trey: [sounding confused] I'm gonna watch it.
Carly: I wouldn't mind watching some Doctor Foo.
Trey: [looking annoyed] Who.
Carly: [in a flirty voice] Me!
Trey: No, I meant Doctor Who.
Carly: I don't know, you brought it up.
Trey: I'm so confused.

Carly: [to Spencer] You started a fire at the fire department?
Spencer: [pauses while covered in soot] Well... yeah.

Natalie: Fine! You're fired.
Freddie: [flinches] Fine! But I'm keeping this PearStore shirt!

Freddie: This isn't over!
Natalie: Why? What's left?
Freddie: I... Nothing, it's over.

[Trey is chasing Carly down to the loft, Carly runs behind Spencer for protection]
Carly: Spencer, help! help!
Spencer: Hey, hey, what's going on here?.
Carly: He...he tried to put his lips on my face.
Spencer: Her FACE?!! [quickly grabs Trey's arm and puts it in a lock behind his back]
Spencer: [softly] Carly, please get the door. [Carly opens the door]
Spencer: [to Trey] I hope it doesn't hurt you if I do this! [kicks him out the door]

Sam: [going after Freddie] Dude! 'think you were a little rough on him?
[Turning towards Natalie with a worried expression on her face]
Natalie: Don't you.....Aaaah, who cares?
Sam: [thinking for a second] Yeah...[moving towards the door] I'll be right back.
Natalie: I'll never see you again, will I?
Sam: [without turning] Nope! [loops PearStore necklace over her head and drops it on the ground behind her as she walks out]

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