“IBattle Chip”
Season 5, Episode 6
IBattle Chip
Air Date

June 9, 2012


Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow


Adam Weissman

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iBattle Chip is the sixth episode of the fifth season of iCarly. It aired on June 9, 2012.


After Chuck steals Spencer's clothes Spencer calls the cops on him and Chuck gets sent to military school However this causes Chuck's younger brother Chip to hate Spencer and terrorize him more than Chuck did.

Meanwhile Gibby buys an exact replica of a Galaxy Wars toy phaser and becomes depressed when Carly accidentally breaks it after Sam was beating up a bully and knocked it off a table. They get Freddie to fix it for Gibby and surprise him before he comes to the loft, but he ends up turning it into a weapon and surprisingly Gibby likes it better.

During an iCarly webcast Chip plays loud music hoping for iCarly to stop and sends a video chatting threat, revealing that he will mess with Carly making it impossible to continue They find Spencer tied up in the kitchen by Chip with an Apple in his mouth.

Gibby causes his phaser to overload making it beep and Freddie reveals that it'll explode, so Spencer throws the phaser into the hallway causing Chip and his friend's plan to backfire and have Chip stuck on the elevator door with a lot of glue.

After the big explosion they run over to see the mess and notice Chip stuck on the elevator Freddie and Gibby leave and Spencer sprays Chip with shaving cream and walks away from Chip leaving his butt constantly tickled.