A Gastric Chamber Stimuli is a chamber invented by Carly and Gibby. The chamber is synced to Pear products.

It only appears in iOMG as part of Carly and Gibby's science project. Its only use was to contain Spencer. It is unknown who built the chamber; Spencer (the only character with building experience) knew nothing of the chamber until he was in it; Carly or Gibby don't have the experience or technical know how; Freddie technically could have done it, except he was busy with his Mood Face project; and it is highly unlikely any teachers helped them, as it is inhumane to lock someone in a chamber and submit to them to stimuli (not to mention illegal if done without consent).

Note: Carly and Gibby had Spencer's consent, but this was before he knew what they would be doing to him.


  • The chamber has one way glass inside the box.
  • It also has a window to pass things inside.
  • It has speakers and a microphone.
  • It has a hole for eating.
  • The people outside of it can see you, but you can't see them
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