250px-IMG 7795
Full Name Gary
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Gray/Brown
Resides in Los Angelas, California
Nationality American
Relationships Holly Vega (thing for her)
Job Police Officer
First Episode Crazy Ponnie
Last Episode Crazy Ponnie
Gary is a police officer, who makes an appearance on Crazy Ponnie, a Season 3 episode of Victorious. He seems to have a case with Tori and Trina's Mom, Holly Vega. Tori also said that Gary is partners with her Dad, David Vega.


  • He and David are police partners
  • He first appeared in Crazy Ponnie to get "Ponnie" away from Tori. It is unknown if he will appear again
  • He said Holly is a "special lady", meaning they likely have something going on.

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