Francine Briggs
Full Name Francine Briggs
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Resides in Seattle, Washington
Nationality Scottish-American
Job Teacher at Ridgeway Junior High School
First Episode iPilot
Last Episode iApirl Fools
Reason Actress works for A.N.T. Farm
Portrayed By Mindy Sterling
Francine Briggs is a female Scottish-American teacher at Ridgeway High School. She plays the bagpipes and loves Scottish music and dancing. Freddie once stepped on her bagpipes making the iCarly trio be caught spying in iSpy a Mean Teacher. She is portrayed by Mindy Sterling. Ms. Briggs is Carly, Freddie, Sam, and Gibby's English teacher.

She is also a sportswoman, we can see her in the episode iSpy a Mean Teacher doing various gymnastic exercises. Ms. Briggs was a secondary character, but was very important to the entire series. She was absent during season 4 and 5 because she is currently playing Susan Skidmore on the Disney Channel show called Ant Farm and voicing Lin Bei Fong in The Legend of Korra. Disney is the rival of Nickelodeon. The actor of Chuck Chambers will most likely not return either because he is on Disney XD's show, Pair of Kings.


  • Ms. Briggs harbors an intense dislike for Spencer Shay and was glad to have gotten rid of him. She despised him so much, when he came back to the school in iWant More Viewers, she gave Freddie detention because Spencer wouldn't leave, and threatened to expel Freddie. Ms. Briggs hated Spencer ever since he was at Ridgeway Middle School, and when Carly first mentioned him in iPilot, she has an irritated expression on her face, and says disdainfully, "Ah, the artist."
  • Carly and Sam make fun of Ms. Briggs' "crazy, pointy boobs" in the episode iPilot. Ironically, Mindy Sterling has been a breast cancer survivor since 1998, having undergone a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and tamoxifen.
  • According to iPilot, Ms. Briggs used to have a brown lump on her nose, but she had it surgically removed.
  • In iSpy a Mean Teacher, Ms. Briggs states she hates citrus fruits.
  • Also, in iSpy a Mean Teacher, it is revealed that Ms. Briggs has an obsession with Randy Jackson, as she has a shrine of him in a room. One of Freddie's blogs on the iCarly website claims that she got engaged to a Randy Jackson impersonator, and that they would be getting married at Ryan Seacrest's house.
  • In iTwins, it is stated that Mr. Howard makes out with Ms. Briggs in the teacher's lounge, despite other mentions of Mr. Howard's wife.
  • Her home address is 321 East Argyle. This was revealed in iDate a Bad Boy, when Freddie tried to woo Carly by sending Ms. Briggs a fishy pizza.
  • She had the first sentence in the entire series.
  • She is obsessed with Randy Jackson, and has a closet full of his merchandise (including Randy-Yos cereal, a life-size cardboard cut-out and cologne, which Freddie stole).
  • She dislikes Sam Puckett the most out of all her students.
  • Basically she was the reason that iCarly began.
  • Mindy Sterling has also starred in the Austin Powers series, debuting in the first film.

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