“Foam Finger”
Season 3, Episode 9
Air Date

October 8, 2005


Dan Schneider


Roger Christiansen

Episode Guide

Paging Dr. Drake


Girl Power

Foam Finger is the nineth episode of season three. It aired on October 8, 2005.


Drake and Josh are doing their homework one night. Audrey, Megan, and Walter are watching a Padres game. Josh tells them that eight years ago, some kid started a fight with him over a foam finger at a Padres game. The kid turned out to be Drake. They remember the game when they were 8. Later, Drake and Josh rejoined the fight. Drake moves out to the living room, then the bathroom, then Megan's room. Later, Megan calls Lenny Spodnick (Guy who before sold the foam fingers), the guy that sold the foam fingers, remembered exactly what happened at the game. It turns out that Megan started the fight by throwing a cookie. She says "Wow, I was cool even back then". When Josh is in his room, Drake moves back in and the two make up.

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