Flight Attendant
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Brunette
Resides in Los Angelas, Califronia
Nationality American
Job Flight attendant
First Episode Wi-Fi in the Sky
Last Episode Wi-Fi in the Sky
Portrayed By Melina Lizette

The flight attendant is only seen in Wi-Fi in the Sky, where she attends to Tori and Trina as they fly back to Los Angeles. She has shown to be irritable, a bit careless, and not very friendly. When she gave Tori and Trina their desserts and Tori asked what it was, she simply shrugged and replied, "I dunno, pudding?" She then walked away. When Tori asked her if the plane had wi-fi, she replied with "No, but we do have wireless internet." When Tori informed her that wi-fi is the same thing, she told Tori not to "give [her] attitude." Also, she did not seem to care when Perez Hilton tackled Trina. It is unlikely that the flight attendant will ever appear on Victorious again. She is portrayed by Melina Lizette.

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