“First Crush”
Season 1, Episode 5
First Crush
Air Date

February 15, 2004


Steve Holland


Virgil L. Fabian

Episode Guide

Two Idiots and a Baby



First Crush is the fifth episode of the first season. It broadcast on February 15, 2004.


Josh gets his first crush on Kathy. While trying to impress her, he accidentally say that he can play a guitar but he is unable to.

Kathy wants Josh to play his guitar at her birthday party, which is at the coffee house not only run by Josh's former karate teacher, but the one Drake just got banned from because of a prank involving Megan's pet snake.

Guest Star: Erin Chambers as Kathy


  • When Drake gives Josh the guitar to teach him, every string is in order, but in the next scene when Josh tries to play the guitar, if you look carefully BEFORE Josh breaks the strings, only one string is not broken but every other string is broken. Therefore Josh actually breaks only a single string.
  • We learn Megan is allergic to cats, however later, in the episode "Honor Council" she has a thing on her website called "Things We Do To Josh While He Sleeps" and she puts a kitten on Josh's face and then laughs because she is allergic.
  • When Josh is talking to Kathy the day after her birthday, look at his ear. In shots in front of and behind Josh, he has an earring, but in shots facing his right it isn't there.
  • When Drake and Josh are in the hall of the school, you can see that the "Wet Paint" paper is yellow, but then, when Josh gets painted, the paper is pink.
  • In this episode, the door to Drake and Josh's room is in a different direction then it is in later episodes. Plus, there is no couch in the room like in the later episodes.

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