Ernie is Sam's old dance coach. He worked with Sam during her beauty
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pageant years until she was kicked out for supposedly pushing LeAnn Carter down a flight of stairs. Seven and a half years later, Sam was competing in a beauty pageant again against LeAnn and ran into Ernie. The two ended up doing a dance routine, which resulted in Sam winning first place.

Ernie made an appearance in the episode, iWas a Pageant Girl. He was also in the group dance in iDream of Dance.


  • Ernie was played by Lane Napper, who has choreographed for Dan Schneider's other show, Victorious , along with playing the guidance counselor, Lane, on that show. Napper also appeared in the Drake & Josh series finale, "Really Big Shrimp."
  • Napper also choreographed the dance scene from the episode. He also choreographed the dance scenes in a previous episode, iDream of Dance and performed as a background dancer as well.
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