The Electric Scooter sadly made its only appearance in the episode iGo Nuclear, and it was created by Carly and Spencer to help the environment by cutting down the need for gasoline-powered transportation. As it was made by Spencer who has a habit of setting things on fire, so the scooter also didn't survive.

Its battery was purchased in Alaska. Spencer bought the scooter off a red headed Eskimo lady. Carly rode it to school for her Green Week project.

She was teased by a little boy and two ladies on her way to school because her scooter moved very slowly. It then begins to rain and the scooter shorts out. When she finally gets to school she says that the seat hurts her bottom. Mr. Henning, her teacher, gives her a D- for her project, because of all the power needed to power the battery on the scooter, it would have been better to just take the bus. The scooter then catches on fire.

Later in the episode Sam walks into Carly's apartment, sees the scooter, and calls it her 'poor, barbequed, electric scooter', to which Carly replies "I know". She isn't too upset about the scooter because she has a second chance for her project.

There is a blooper in iBloop where Miranda (Carly) can't get the scooter through the door of the classroom.

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