Dave is a comedian who fights with his best friend Fleck in "iQuit iCarly." The

Dave in "The Blowing"

boys begin to fight over Dave's dad's car because Fleck spray paints it purple for a sketch they wanted to do. They reunite after saving Carly, Kayla and Sam from near death.

Dave shares traits with Carly, he is responsible, and tends to worry when Fleck engages in dangerous behavior. They share the same reaction when Carly told him Sam tried to have Freddie wear a diper then go into a Tiger cage. He is also organized and wishes that his partner would appreciate the hard work he puts in for their videos (which is exactly how Carly feels) This is partly why he and Fleck decided not to be friends anymore. They put aside their differences in the end however, and rekindle their friendship.

He is played by Joey Luthman.

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