Crystal Waters is a water company shown in Jade Dumps Beck, Survival of the Hottest, and Beck's Big Break. It is first seen as a sneak peek on TheSlap. It's second appearance is in the beginning of Jade Dumps Beck. André received two Crystal Waters bottles from the vending machine when he paid for one. He offered the other to Beck, who reveals that he doesn't drink water from mountain streams due to his assumed presence of fish urine (though he is later seen drinking Crystal Waters water in the episode). The third appearance was in Survival of the Hottest. It is the company of the water bottle that Trina drank from. The third appearance is in Beck's Big Break when Tori uses the name as an alias after seeing a Water dispenser with a crystal Waters sticker on it, to get past Otis to make it onto the set of Miss Fire, the movie Beck was in.

It is a parody of Crystal Geyser.

In Dan Schneider's blog, Jade Dumps Beck fun facts, he says "Notice the brand of bottled water that Andre offers Beck. It's called 'Crystal Waters' – that name will be used in a future episode of Victorious. ;-)" He was likely talking about Tori's use of it as an alias in Beck's Big Break.

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