Come On Inn.

The Come On Inn is a low-class motel in Hollywood, California that is seen in the episode, "iTake on Dingo." The iCarly gang stays there when they get ready to take on the Dingo Company. Sam's mother recommended the motel because her plastic surgeon works out of one of the rooms. The room Spencer decides to stay in is claimed to have a great view of Hollywood. However, it turns out that the Hollywood spoken of is actually a hobo named Hollywood. Also, when they first enter the room, Carly notices tape outlines of a man (possibly from a murder) on the carpet, which the employee of the motel immediately rips up. Carly claims there are mice crawling on the floor, only to be corrected by Sam, who says it is a rat and not a mouse.Probably by it's reveiws it says that is the worst motel ever.


With only two beds, the room Spencer rents seems to be dirty and unsanitary. Carly mentions the pillows aren't really pillows, just pillow cases stuffed with crumpled up newspapers. Freddie also mentions that the one lamp doesn't even have a light bulb, "Just a potato!" The one bathroom seems to have a sink, a bath tub(where Holywood slept), and (presumably) a toilet.

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