Christmas Yodeling is yodeling to the tune of Christmas songs. It is a parody of Christmas caroling. In A Christmas Tori, Sikowitz makes each student be a secret Santa to another student, and they have to give them a present. He says that whoever gives the worst give has to join him on Christmas Eve for Christmas yodeling.

Christmas Yodeling


Tori asks what Christmas yodeling is, everyone gets mad at her, and Sikowitz starts Christmas yodeling "Deck the Halls." Sikowitz ends up giving the worst gift, (he gave a cricket to Courtney Van Cleef) so he had to go Christmas yodeling o n Christmas Eve. At the end of the episode, he is shown Christmas yodeling "Jingle Bells" at a couple's house with a group of people (including Mr. Busey and Larry Stein who were briefly shown earlier in the episode). Christmas yodeling was mentioned in one of the facts from

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