Full Name Burf
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Resides in Los Angelas, California
Nationality American
Friends Sinjin Van Cleef
School(s) Hollywood Arts
First Episode Tori & Jade's Play Date
Last Episode One Thousand Berry Balls

Burf is a Hollywood Arts student who makes his first appearance in Tori & Jade's Play Date, his second appearance was in Driving Tori Crazy, and his third appearance was in Tori Goes Platinum, and his fourth apperance was in The Blonde Squad. He seems to be good friends with Sinjin as he appears with him throughout Tori & Jade's Play Date. Sikowitz seems to dislike his haircut and finds him annoying. But nevertheless, he hires Burf to guard Tori and Jade at Nozu for him and Burf willingly does so. He will be making his fifth appearance in One Thousand Berry Balls.

It's possible he is in the school for sound effects or musical talent since he was with Sinjin to create the sound effects for the play in this episode. He was likely working on the play in the episode because the style seems to be from the same time period as his fashion sense. Burf appears to be another oddball like Robbie and Sinjin, as demonstrated by his eating a yellow pepper like an apple and having a very old-fashioned sense of style. In the photo gallery on TheSlap for The Worst Couple, Sinjin adds a picture of him called "The Burfman" and refers to Burf as the "odd one" in his group of friends. Sikowitz tells Burf to light a candle after Tori and Jade don't rehearse well, and Burf responds by saying he doesn't have a candle. Sikowitz then yells at him to get a better haircut, referring to his afro. Sinjin then pats his shoulder and says Sikowitz is just 'in a mood'. Moments later, Sikowitz randomly screams at Burf, who is completely silent, to be quiet. He is later assigned by Sikowitz to spy on Tori and Jade alongside Sinjin, and Jade dances in front of him during Take A Hint. His "trademark" food appears to be yellow bell peppers, as he eats them like apples throughout his appearances. However, he eats a potato the same way on TheSlap.

Burf makes his second apperance in Driving Tori Crazy, in the Asphalt Cafe when Cat is handing out Bags-O-Rags, looking very confused that the product is merely bags full of rags. He then watched in mere disbelief as Cat runs away giggling, holding his bag of rags.

He made his third appearance was in Tori Goes Platinum, when he sings Five Fingaz To the Face in the bathroom and dances in for the audition for the Platinum Music Awards

His made his fourth apperance in The Blonde Squad .

He is also scheduled to appear in One Thousand Berry Balls.

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