Briarwood Prep is the expensive private school that Carly was offered a scholarship to in iMight Switch Schools.

In Carly's dream this is Briarwood

The full name that is used is Briarwood Academy, but throughout the episode, several of the characters use Briarwood Prep. Carly was offered the scholarship by a student named Philip, a student that attends Briarwood Academy. Mrs. Peeloff, also seen in iMight Switch Schools, is the headmistress who comes to Carly's apartmenttointerviewher.

Sam Puckett was going to be offered a scholarship too, but once they saw her grades, they changed their minds.

Later in an iCarly blog post, Carly posted her rejection letter.

Briarwood was also mentioned by Cat in the Victorious episode, "The Blonde Squad."

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