Full Name Brenda
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Resides in Los Angelas, California
Nationality American
Family Parents
Relationships Robbie Shapiro (one date)
Job Student
First Episode The Birthweek Song
Last Episode The Birthweek Song
Portrayed By Samantha Jordan

Brenda is Robbie's grandmother's friend's cousins's granddaughter. She is a shy and quiet girl who doesn't move from her chair during her visit to Mamaw's. Mamaw hopes that she and Robbie will become boyfriend and girlfriend, instead of Cat, who she thinks might be Robbie's future girlfriend. It is possible that Mamaw believed they'd be a good match because Brenda carries around a teddy bear, and Robbie always has Rex by his side; however, this is just speculation. She was introduced in The Birthweek Song and hasn't been mentioned since.

Brenda is played by Samantha Jordan.

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