The Benson Apartment is where Freddie lives with his mother Marissa, even though T-Bo resides in the guest room, which is next to Freddie's bedroom as of iQ. The first time a room of the apartment was seen was in iSaved Your Life , where Freddie's Room was seen. The second time, the audience sees the living room of the Benson apartment in IStill Psycho. It is located at Bushwell Plaza in Seattle Washington. It is Apartment 8-D or 8-H as of iGet Pranky. The front door of the Benson apartment is often featured on iCarly in iPilot, iStage an Intervention, iReunite With Missy, iPie, and iGive Away a Car.

Various others areas of the Benson apartment have been featured on iCarly, such as the fire escape in iKiss, Freddie's bedroom in iSaved Your Life, and the Benson's living room as well as part of the dining room in iQ.

The Benson apartment was mentioned in iOMG, where Freddie says he and Brad should go back to his place to work on their project, Mood Face.

The apartment has many baby pictures of Freddie, two large portraits of Freddie and his mother side-by-side, photos of vacuum cleaners hanging on the wall, and framed life lessons of Mrs. Benson's, such as "Wet and sticky, is very icky." (Which was quoted in the Season 2 episode, iHurt Lewbert). As a result, the Benson Apartment is very clean.

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