Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageant

Won by
LeAnn Carter (99 times in a row)
Sam Puckett
Talent show, asking questions about current situations, introduction
Almost contender(s)

Info about the Pageant

  • LeAnn Carter won 99 consecutive times in a row (revealed in iWas a Pageant Girl).
  • Sam won it once.
  • Sam was banned from it for seven years for pushing LeAnn down the stairs, despite the fact that LeAnn fell down the stairs herself.
  • Certain performances include LeAnn playing the saxophone and Sam tap dancing.
  • There are apparently a lot of people in the pageant business who happen to know Sam, although she did not compete for seven and a half years.
  • Sam actually loved being in the pageant.
  • According to Sam, pageants smell like hairspray and desperation.

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