Alphabet Improv

Alphabet Improv is a form of improvisation that is used to train young actors. The process is to say each line in alphabetical order of the first letter. If you say a line out of order, you get buzzed out. In Pilot, Sikowitz teaches the kids how to play it. You can watch the Improv scene here.

Alphabet Improv in Pilot

  • Tori: Please go take a shower.
  • Jade: Quit telling me what to do.
  • Beck: Relax, girls. Let's all try to get along.
  • Cat: Totally! (She is sent to her seat for using the wrong letter.)
  • André: Something just bit my toe.
  • Tori: Turtle! That turtle bit his toe.
  • Jade: Unbelievable that you're even here.
  • Beck: Very immature of you to say that.
  • André: What if the turtle bite broke my toe bone?
  • Tori: X-Rays are the only way to find out.
  • Jade: You should shut up.
  • Beck: Zap! I just healed your toe with my magic finger.
  • André: Thanks. (He is sent to his seat for using the wrong letter.)
  • Tori: Aliens are the only people who can heal toes by finger zapping.
  • Jade: By the way... [blows a raspberry].
  • Beck: Correct, I am an alien!
  • Tori: Don't hurt me, please!
  • Jade: Even though she's extremely annoying!
  • Beck: Fainting, cause I can't breathe your earth air. (This is his last line for a while.)
  • Tori: Gosh, it fainted.
  • Jade: Hey, why don't you go jump off that cliff over there?
  • Tori: I think you should.
  • Jade: Just where did you come from?
  • Tori: Kangaroos.
  • Jade: Lousy animals, kangaroos. They're awkward and dirty.
  • Tori: Maybe they learned from you.
  • Jade: No one talks to me like that.
  • Tori: Obviously, someone should.
  • Jade: Please run in front of a bus.
  • Tori: Quite obnoxious of you to say.
  • Jade: Really?
  • Tori: Sure was.
  • Jade: Thanks!
  • Tori: Up your nose, I see boogers.
  • Jade: Very clever.
  • Tori: Wish you thought of it?
  • Jade: X marks the spot I'd like to punch!
  • Tori: Your finger smells weird.
  • Jade: Zero is what you are on a scale from one to ten.
  • Tori: As if I care what you think.
  • Jade: Better watch yourself.
  • Tori: Can't take it.
  • Jade: Don't push me!
  • Tori: Eat your pants!
  • Jade: You eat your pants! (She is sent to her seat for using the wrong letter, but corrects herself by using the right one.) F! I know!
  • Tori: Get up alien. (Even though her line was supposed to start with F.)
  • Beck: Head... feels dizzy.
  • Tori: I know how to make you feel better.
  • Beck: Jumping jacks?
  • Tori: Kiss me.
  • Beck: Little weird. Let's do it. (They kiss.)
  • Tori: Man, I love this school! (Both play and literally.)

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