Full Name Ally
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2001
Hair Color Blonde
Resides in Los Angelas, California
Nationality American
Family Sparkles (pet)
Friends Beck Oliver
First Episode Wi-Fi in the Sky
Last Episode Wi-Fi in the Sky
Portrayed By Amber Urban
Ally is a neighbor of Beck and his family. She is the nine-year old cheerleader who appeared in Wi-Fi in the Sky. In the episode, Jade had become very envious and upset with Beck when she heard that Beck was interacting with "the cheerleader," thinking that Ally was a teenage cheerleader who might like Beck. This, of course, made Jade think Beck was cheating on her, and that made her come over to his RV.

Beck dog-sat her puppy, Sparkles, a Yorkshire Terrier, while she was at cheerleading practice. It was later revealed that Ally is a young girl, not a teenager, and appears to be around the age of nine. She told Beck in a loud whisper that she found his girlfriend pretty, to which Beck replied with "I know" in the same tone of voice. After this incident, Jade was okay with Beck dogsitting the puppy, but was angry that Beck didn't tell her she was nine.

She was, so far, only featured in Wi-Fi in the Sky, and portrayed by Amber Urban

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